+Mandy I did not so patiently wait for May 3rd 2014. I cry about it now.


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So, I was on omegle promoting the Jonas Brothers new single, Pom Poms, and I started talking to someone.




And I was like “ohh nooo… i’m sure they are gonna pretend they are harry, I’m sure” I was not even in the one direction omegle tag!!

They ask for my name, I ask for his…


So before anything else, I told “him” to buy Pom Poms by the Jonas Brothers on april 2nd and watch the video and “he” was like “ummm ok”

And theeen "he" asked "do you like one direction?"

I was like “I KNEW IT!”


And I was like “yes” and then “I’m not gona but it tho, “harry”…”

And then “he” said “Well you might not want to but i do this so the fnas i cant meet i can talk to them”

So, I asked “ok, whatever, so harry….. tell me about your 19 birthday. how was it??? did you enjoy the stripper?”

And the IDIOT says “ um i didnt have one me and the boys went out and had some fun though and i have an evening meal with my family”

and then



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